Ciociaro Race Series 2019

This unique circuit takes place on a closed course, approximately 1.3km in length, featuring a small hill, shaded areas, and 4 rounded corners at the Ciociaro Club in South Windsor just off the 401 Hwy.

Series dates for 2019 are as follows:

Spring Training Races  March 31, April 07, April 14

Summer Series

April 25, May 02, May 16, May 30, June 13,June 20, July 11, July 25, Aug 08, Aug 22


On line reg :!/events/ciociaro-race-series-2019

On site registration is available for series and single night .

Cost:  Series $145 plus processing fee ($9 on line / $20 on site)       Single Race   $25 cash only

Juniors no charge but must have license and fill out forms.

Race Categories and Start Times

C Men & Women (separate groups): 5:55pm (20-30 mins + 3 laps)

B: 6:30pm (40-55 mins+ 3 laps)

A: 7:15pm (60-80mins + 3 laps)

Race times increase as daylight does and slight decrease last two races

Prize Money:

C: 1st-$20 , 2nd-$10

Women: 1st-$30,2nd-$20,3rd-$15

B: 1st-$35,2nd-$25,3rd-$20

A: 1st-$60,2nd-$40,3rd-$30

All categories will have 1 or 2 cash primes each race night.

General Rules

There will be no warm up allowed on the track . Riders will be given one lap just before the start of their race. No warm up in the parking lot is allowed . Doing so could put our status with the club as a host in jeopardy . Please warm up on the surrounding roads.

C/B and Women will be allowed to do an additional race after they have completed their category , at no additional charge. This is done in the spirit of development to prepare riders for future upgrades.

Riders may upgrade at the discretion of the race organizer and official.

Organizer and Official reserve the right to upgrade a rider if they feel they should be competing in a higher ability level.

There is one car crossing on the track which will be patrolled . However riders are asked to use caution in this area.

Race Rules

Free laps for reasonable mechanical problems and/or flat tires will be given up until 5 laps to go.

Racers must be on the start line at the official start of the race to be deemed an official entrant . Only exception would be previously cleared with an official.

While we encourage all racers to complete their race , there may be times when lapped riders need to be pulled from the track for the safety of all involved. This will be executed on a case by case basis.

If the breakaway laps the field . The break and the field will sprint together as one group.

Series Standings will be based on a points structure as follows :

1st-20, 2nd-17, 3rd-14, 4th-12, 5th-10, 6th-8, 7th-6, 8th-4, 9th-2, 10th-1 .

*Top 7 race results count towards your final standings.
Equipment rules will follow UCI rules. Eg. No tri-bars, or certain wheels (4 spoke spinergy or 3 spoke spin)
In the event of a crash the entire course MAY become neutral and light riding will be allowed if possible. The countdown clock will be stopped. The race will be restarted on the start line with the same time gaps between breaks and groups before the crash. In the event that the race cannot be finished for whatever reason, at the discretion of the race organizer and/or official, a decision will be made on how to award points and prizes depending on the race situation at time of cancellation.
Events run rain or shine, thunder and lightning  will delay start.
Events run with the sanction or permit from the OCA and we therefore have additional rules and expectations that are in line with the UCI Cycling Regulations.
In the presence of an electrical storm, we ask for the cooperation to ensure the safety of the riders and spectators. A 30-minute mandatory delay is required after lightning is seen.

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